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i'm sometimes chronic.

11 April 1992
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  • reinventthis@livejournal.com
Hi, I'm reinventthis and I write slash fiction here.

Okay, a bit more - I'm an English Lit student, and I love writing. My style's a bit difficult and awkward because I imagine everyone is a bit like that, it's more stream of consciousness than anything. I don't only write slash fiction - if you're interested, my Tumblr (linked, website) has various other forms of writing on it, as well as my more personal blog for those who want to get to know me better. I also use Tumblr to rec fics in the HP fandom that I love, mainly H/D but some other pairings as well that don't get written an awful lot.

As this is a journal mainly for fiction and talking about the process of writing fiction, I would like to add as a disclaimer to it that I do not own any of the characters, settings or items portrayed in these fics and I never will, I just enjoy using them as an outlet to write. I would also like to add that my journal does have an adult concepts warning for a reason - I don't write an awful lot of extremely adult fiction because it's not currently what I like writing, but it does involve slash (m/m) relationships and some adult discussion. If this isn't for you, or you shouldn't be here (or looking at specific fics by age rating) then please leave.

This aside, I am really excited to get writing and I hope everyone who finds this journal enjoys something posted here, and feel free to get in touch via the Tumblr link above or through my intro post comments because I look forward to getting to know you all :)