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an introduction of sorts: [Jan. 31st, 2030|02:25 am]
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Hello! I'm reinventthis and this journal isn't going to be much of a personal one, if you were looking for that, it's primarily to post any fic I end up writing. I'm a bit nervous about writing again (in a new fandom now, i used to write FBR bandfic) but hopefully it's enjoyable again. I hope you like what you find here and whatever I post in any comms, and feel free to get in touch with me to ask about what I write.

I'd just like to warn anyone who has come here unawares that my writing, and the fic I read or rec, is slash fiction and some of that is 18+ fanfiction. The journal is going to be set to put any adult fic under a cut in case of this, and any underage readers looking for the NC-17/18+ things I may post should leave now, or stick to something not as adult. Thanks for coming today, and I hope you want to comment!



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(no subject) [Sep. 3rd, 2011|12:42 am]
[Current Music |knives out - radiohead]

i've got something in the works at the minute, but i'm taking my time with it. it's got about 10 notepad documents of ideas/paragraphs that don't fit anywhere yet and its own folder on my desktop

it feels really good to be writing again, even if it's sporadic. i've missed being in any fandom, really, and my old one was so full of wank/flaming that this feels much more relaxed.

i don't flood my tumblr with fic much so i just wanted to write this somewhere, really.

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original fic post -probably not going to be xposted anywhere, i just like it. [Feb. 17th, 2011|08:28 am]
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so i've written something kinky, and it's het, and it's not fanfiction in any way shape or form. this is unprecedented, and i want to get it out in the world just to get it away from my notepad because it would actually be so much more if i let it.

tenderly/tastefully : R : original fiction

- so there's a nameless guy and a nameless girl, and their friend Tom. with several discussions of kinklike proportions. unbeta'd, and i'm scared to post it (the product of severe insomnia and many other things).


clean lines of hips, no curves, red marksCollapse )
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Would love some help with this ficlet, if anyone is out there for it? [Jan. 31st, 2011|09:04 pm]
I'm not sure about where I've taken this little ficlet so far. It's a similar piece to Heartbroken in how the style is (I think I may be stuck in this style for most of my fic career) but more lighthearted and about an established relationship. I'd like to know from anyone who finds this if they think it should get sent to the comms as it is (after a swift beta of course!) or i could possibly expand it, and how you'd like to see it expanded. If I can run with an idea from you guys, I'll obviously credit you when it's posted and I thank anyone who's got the time! I can't think of a title or anything either...


Bill has an aural fixation (Or, Get Your Mind Out Of The Gutter, But Only A Bit)Collapse )


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Completely forgot that heart-clenchy feeling you get when you post fic. [Jan. 31st, 2011|03:17 pm]

I've missed it but simultaneously hate it, I think. It's really nice to write something I like again, I've not really written like this for a good number of years if I'm honest, but I do still remember how drama-y my old fandom was. Hoping for a change now because it just feels like I need to write more, and I think it will help me to write again. I don't mind the poetry thing, love it in fact, but I wrote that nearly 2,500 words in just under 4 hours, which I cannot do for the life of me with my Literature essays (and I LOVE Keats, ffs!)

I've got some more Harry/Bill in the works for anyone who's interested, along the same style as Heartbroken, which I'm going to have to chat to my very supportive/hand-holding Rosie (who is available on Tumblr and is full of win) about, because it's very ficlet-y right now and I want a bit more, just don't know where it'll go quite yet. Definitely forgot how exciting but terrifying this is...we'll see!

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FIC: Heartbroken, Harry/Bill, PG-13 (Harry Potter) [Jan. 31st, 2011|02:18 pm]
So, this is my first fic writing something other than drabbles (for the HP fandom at least) and it's my first Harry/Bill because I've discovered that I quite adore this pairing and it's sorely undervalued. Beta'd by Rosie - tell me what you think.

Title - Heartbroken
Rating - PG-13
Pairing - Harry/Bill
Summary - Harry never has time to think, until they escape to Shell Cottage.
Disclaimer - I don't own any of this, I just think it's a lovely idea...
Warnings - none.
Notes - Just let me know what you think! The perspective is odd but I keep writing it that way and it wouldn't change for love or money. An AU of sorts centred around the events of DH.


Harry got tired of everyone waiting for him to run off and make a rash decision.Collapse )
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